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For our customers in the Phoenix Metropolitan area, we can schedule in-person consultation at our office or yours. 

About Us​

Urethane Source is family owned and operated

We provide personalized services for your unique requirements through innovation and imaginative production techniques. For customers in the Phoenix metropolitan area, we offer in person contact at our facility or yours. 

Learn a little bit about the father-daughter duo who brought Urethane Source to life.


We take pride in providing quality, custom parts based on customer specifications.

For our local customers, we encourage scheduling an appointment to meet with our Production Team in order to best meet your needs. With decades of industry knowledge, our production team isn’t afraid to take risks and think outside the box with design needs.

Our staff is innovative and ready to provide compound recommendations based on product use.

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Molded Urethane

  • Chemical resistant rollers or customized parts
  • Over 40 years of experience to provide urethane goods you request
  • Rollers, tubes, bushings, sheets, rings and urethane bonded to metal wheels; 20-95 shore A

Customized Service

  • Used or new cores for urethane application
  • Parts produced to your specifications
  • Compound selection assistance
  • Wide availability of existing tooling
  • Innovative tooling design

Need a quote?

Send us your specifications or questions and a member of our production team will contact you with further information.